Reviews for AEquana   

Reviewed by Denise Fleischer, Gotta Write Network

Ex-operative John "Talon" Eagleton owed the government fourteen more months of service. A medical discharge, after taking a bullet in his back and losing a kidney, put him on the reserve list. He is summoned back for a special assignment involving Maja, the daughter of a scientist who recently died. Code name "AEquana" is a 23-year-old, special ops agent, in need of a partner. A birth defect sets her apart from other humans and the government believes it owns her. After a few words exchanged, the two quickly realize they're attracted and later just possibly in love with one another.

Their first assignment allows Talon to witness her aquatic abilities strengthened by a skin tight tail and her own gills. It also nearly costs them their lives when she decides to move a bomb instead of just tag it. Further assignments spell out extreme danger for these two and one starts to wonder if someone wants to kill one of them.

AEquana demands your attention on several levels. For one, Maja is a human being, despite her unique abilities, who is trapped in a system so deep no one knows about her. They basically enslaved her for their own gain. There is another aspect of her entrapment that is extremely horrible. While reading the book, all I could think of was that in this day and age why doesn’t she have any rights? In terms of John's involvement in her life as a lover and partner, I see him as the only thing strong enough to pull her out of her captors' grasp. John's grandfather and friends add devotion, friendship, love…life itself to a very good book with a real message written on every single page. Mooney's research gives her novel the rough edge needed to make it work. Take note because this fantasy may very well be happening today.

Reviewed by Silapa Jarun,

A story that will take your breath away...

...She was a government project
he was a veteran of the system
they were from two different worlds
and they'll meet in the infinite blue...

I <3 Aequana

AEQUANA not only delivered a sensual and emotional romance, but also provided enough action to keep me mesmerized for two nights of non-stop reading. The love story kept my heart pumping and the adventure made me hold my breath. This is story is not a weepy angst-fest, AEQUANA will deliver the out of bedroom excitement too!

Mooney's prose was elegant and fast-paced as she skillfully balanced both the perspectives of the icy AEQUANA and the hot-blooded Talon. As I savored every word and line in this work I came to the conclusion that this romance really had a peculiar element in that it blends a touch of fantasy or the myth of "mermaid" with dash of technology. The world -is- our own yet the work has the undercurrent of something more and that may very well be the kind of magical love story we veteran romance readers find so rare today. Talon and Aequana are simply amazing.

This is a story you will treasure folks. It's a pearl.

I'm thoroughly impressed with this story. Linda Mooney is going places!

ONE COMPLAINT: It was too short and I want to read what happens next...

Reviewed by Debra Gaynor, Reader Views

A favorite of fans of fantasy and romance

John Eagletalon, former Navy Seal, was granted a medical discharge after being shot in the back. Technically he still owed the government fourteen months. Admiral D. E. Corinth recalled him to be partnered with Maja Van Der Beek, daughter of famed scientist Isak Van Der Beek. Talon was to be more than her partner he was to be her bodyguard. His relationship with her grew even deeper; he became her lover.

Maja was born with a unique birth defect. Maya has gills; she's capable of swimming fast and deep, almost eleven-hundred feet. The Navy uses her to retrieve and tag items. The government calls her AEquana. She'd recently lost both her father and partner. She was determined to go solo, but the Navy was just as determined that she would accept a partner. They presented her with several, all of which she turned down until she met Talon. He didn't try to flatter her; as a matter of fact, he insulted her. She knew they could work together.

Talon knew he was in love with MG (Mermaid Girl) and he had every intention of taking her away from the cruel existence thrust upon her. MG didn't trust easily, but from the beginning she new Talon was different. She knew she could depend on him.

Slaw and Shipp treated MG as though she were an animal to be controlled. In one scene the evil Shipp kidnaps MG and places a collar around her neck and tethers to the bottom of a tank filled with extremely cold water. He drugs her caring not that the pain is horrific. He never expected that MG would fight back and win.

WOW! This is one of those books that you can't put down. The characters are so well-defined that they seem to come to life on the pages. Talon and Maja are perfectly suited for each other. While she seems too naïve and innocent, she draws strength from Talon. Because of him, she desires to be free and finds the power to fight for that freedom. Slaw and Shipp are evil antagonists. They care only for what Maja can do for them. They care little for her well-being and will torture her and put her through tests to meet their own ends. The plot is fascinating, well-developed and a pleasure to read. "AEquana" is sure to become a favorite with fans of fantasy and romance. I suspect we will be hearing a lot more from Linda Mooney.

Reviewed by Zee, Enchanting Reviews

Maja Van der Beek is more commonly known under the code name of Aequana. In her early twenties, she lives a sheltered life and is allowed to indulge herself. However, the one thing Aequana does not have is freedom. She is a mermaid. More specifically – a ‘malformation’ which occurred while she was still in the womb has left her with gills and not-fully-formed toes. Consequently, Aequana can live as easily underwater as on land. There’s a catch though – she ‘belongs’ to the US military. Born and raised into their world, she has never known what real life is about.

John Eagletalon, commonly known under his code name of Talon, is a trained soldier from an elite detachment of the army. A past military intervention has allowed him to be medically discharged from duty. However, Talon still owes Uncle Sam fourteen months of service.

Aequana works for the army. When her partner falls sick and cannot continue by her side, the army decides she needs a new partner. Talon is called in, among others. But Aequana chooses him. He will serve his remaining service time by her side. They are sent on a mission, and both learn more about the other. The spark of passion that flared ever since their first meeting ignites, until both cannot deny their love for one another.

But the army is the nagging detail in this equation. Aequana will never be allowed out of their control. When Talon learns of the atrocities and scientific experiments army doctors conduct on Aequana, all hell breaks loose. He will save her, come hell or high water. Aequana wants only one thing – a normal life with Talon. Will love be strong enough in the face of all the obstacles in their path?

I wasn’t prepared for the depth of the intrigue and the plot when I started reading this book. A brief glance at the blurb had hinted at the plot, but I must admit going through the story one page at a time was a voyage of discovery. Ms. Mooney writes with a strong, clear voice. She knows how to pace tension, suspense, and action. Her mastery is also evident in how she builds up the love between this unlikely pair. Aequana is a profoundly human character. Despite all her sass, she is a little girl at heart. Ms. Mooney conveys this really well.  Talon is a smart guy, ex-military, take-charge personality. He will fight for the woman he loves. 

Overall, it is a good read. There is the right balance of elements. Romance is there, action has you hanging at the edge of your seat, and the suspense is carried through to the very end.