Reviews for Firelight

Reviewed by Linda, Red Roses for Authors

Connie's happiest memory is of sitting by the fire in her own sitting room the night Nathaniel came to her. the trouble was that he had been killed centuries before in the Civil War. She embodied the spirit of the girl he loved, but she was a real woman and she was alive. Can they ever find happiness?

This is a beautiful love story. I wished it was longer.

Reviewed by Melanie, Enchanting Reviews

Let me introduce you to Connie, a young woman just looking for a little peace in her life. She comes to a quite little town and buys a cute little house. She just wants to get to a place where she can find the one thing that has always eluded her. Now she can be the person she has always wanted to be. She does not have to answer to anyone. Then one night she meets the most unusual man.

Now for our hero, Nathaniel. A man taken from this world before his time, and taken from the woman he has always loved. He has been stuck in the cabin waiting for her to come to him. Then one day she finally arrives. But can he convince her of who she is or is he doomed to wander alone for all eternity?

This is a tale of a woman wanting a little peace and something that has been missing from her life, and of a handsome ghost just wanting to be reunited with the woman he was forced to leave behind so many years ago. Will Connie be able to accept who she is? And will Nathaniel finally find the one he has been yearning for?

I really liked this story. This is the kind of story that keeps you reading and will not let you go. The characters were mesmerizing and you just do not want this story to end. In places this story brought tears to my eyes. Nathanielís yearning for his beloved was heartbreaking. I only have one complaint about this book - it was not long enough.

Now what can I say about Linda Mooney - she is a phenomenal author and has had several best sellers over at Whiskey Creek Press. She is a Kindergarten Teacher by day and an author at night. She is married with two sons. And she is writing more books even as we speak.

Reviewed by Stacy Link, ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Linda Mooney captures one womanís favorite memory.  Connie is a woman who recently moved to a new town and a new house, only she finds she is not alone. Nathaniel is trapped in the house of his beloved Caroline and has returned to reclaim the love he lost long ago. Now Connie is drawn to him and enjoys his memories as well as makes some newer ones for herself.

This book is short and though not a genre I would normally read, once started I was interested in seeing how it would end and how these two lovers would come together if they could. All in all an interesting short story.